Saturn’s Rings Collection

Saturn has illuminated the imagination of everyone on Earth, not just aerospace engineers and astrophysicists. The Saturn’s Rings Collection is and artistic tip of the hat to that beautiful planet that calls humankind to the stars. The tiniest of quantum particles makes even the most beautiful geometric patterns at any scale. Some of the artwork is inspired by an actual photo taken by the Cassini Spacecraft on September 7th, 2017.

Aside from the many telescopes pointed at the planet the only human built craft to reach Saturn have been the Pioneer 11 (1979), Voyager 1 (1980), Voyager 2 (1981), Cassini orbiter (circa 2005), and Huygens probe (landed on Titan, moon of Saturn, in 2004). Many of our designs use Cassini’s spectacular photography.

Saturn by Cassini, 2016 along with our shirt up close and in the rings.

Check out this unboxing video and see what the Saturn’s Rings T-Shirt looks like up-close!

In this video we unbox one of our Saturn’s Rings Shirts.

We designed a whole collection utilizing the pattern of Saturn’s rings.

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