Our First Promo Videos

We posted our first promo video to our Instagram page here. The photo of one of our custom suits was taken by Physicist and photographer Emily LaPrime, the music was a section of a classical work arranged by Scrap Sound Works. And the awesome starscapes came from the awesome Hubble.

For our second video we wanted to set a more serious tone and discuss what Aerospace Suits represents. Simply put, at Aerospace Suits we advocate for space exploration. Check out the video below and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

This video was a team effort all around, mostly because of the awesome NASA footage we used (Shout out NASA: https://images.nasa.gov/). We combined the footage from some old NASA videos from Apollo, Shuttle, and more (including works form Hubble: https://hubblesite.org/resource-galle…), along with videos from the facility most of the Aerospace Suits apparel is made. You can even see some of our designs in the video. Thanks to Casey Saba (https://www.caseysaba.com) for providing the narration. Thanks for checking out this video.

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