Buttonless Jackets

Here at Aerospace Suits, one of our signature design choices for our suits was the buttonless jackets. To achieve this design, we sew magnets into the jackets that clasp together into a comfortable fit. Because of the strong bond the magnets provide, our jackets can handle the wear-and-tear that buttoned jackets simply cannot. While you are in a rush towards your next adventure, our magnet buttons will be sure to hold.

However, this does not mean that the jackets are hard to take off. The magnets are able to maintain a sturdy hold while making the process of undoing them a thing of ease. All you need to do is pull the jacket open, and the magnets will undo themselves. Our magnet buttons are made with ease of use in mind.

You also do not need to worry about how to wash your jacket. The magnets in the jacket are safe to machine wash or steam clean, just like any other suit jacket. Owning one of our buttonless suit jackets will be a comfortable and convenient experience.

When designing our suits, we wanted to create a unique suit-wearing experience. When we came across the idea of using hidden magnets as our buttons, it was everything we wanted. It was easy to use, fun, and created the sleek buttonless design we were looking to achieve. With our buttonless jackets, we hope to deliver unto you a suit-wearing experience unlike any that you have had before.

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