3D Printed Star Buttons

It all started from searching for the perfect star buttons. We wanted subtle and sleek star buttons and could not find them anywhere. We searched vendors in China, found nothing. We searched vendors in Mexico, found nothing. So, we decided to use 3D printers to design and manufacture our own star buttons.

This way when designing custom suits, we have many more options for making that perfect subtle space themed attire.

Here we see a black 3D printed star for the jacket cuff (our jacket cuffs are real by the way). The black star blends right in from a distance and is only noticeable up close. This was the subtle star button design we could not find anywhere else.
But we are not limited to black. We have a whole universe of colors to make the perfect match for any custom suit or dress shirt.

The material for our star buttons is PLA, a biodegradable plastic.

This is just one level of customization we offer in our suit designs or dress shirt designs. We look forward to new custom suit design projects where every detail is important.

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