Space Advocacy Fashion

At Aerospace Suits, our aim is to advocate for space exploration using high quality fashion. From the universe lining our coats to our star sleeve buttons, we hope to inspire adventure through elegant, unique, and sophisticated means. With a focus on subtlety, our suits will allow you to express your inner explorer in any occasion while also pushing the boundaries of suit design.

Space exploration is about challenging boundaries, always setting higher goals, and making the impossible possible. As efforts go towards unraveling the universe, new, exciting discoveries are made.  That does not only mean new planets and stars, but advancements here on our home planet as well.

Through humanity’s endeavors in exploring the outer reaches around the planet, many technologies that exist in all parts of society came along with it. In the medical field, technology used to scan space for distant planets are now also used in cancer research1. In the agricultural field, in NASA’s efforts to grow food in space, this has ended up producing formulas that increase crop yield here on Earth1. And this is only a couple of examples when it comes to the technology transfer between space exploration and our daily lives.

Our goal at Aerospace Suits is to sell the finest, custom suits possible while also promoting space exploration. When designing our suits, we borrow from the deeper aspects that define space exploration: adventure, fun, and pushing the limits. However, we also wanted to make sure that the theme of our suits was not used in a tasteless fashion. With precision matching our passion for the stars, we deliver fine-fitting, stylish suits.

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